This class is fantastic for real targeted fitness. 

It’s very effective for gaining results. The circuits are organised, well thought out and different each week. You will get the most out of these hour long sessions because they are straight to the point. I like to compare these sessions to an hour long gym session alone… 

Would you really push yourself as hard?

This is like having a personal trainer but for the absolute minimum cost. 

I cap these classes to a smaller number… 

As I like to really be able to give each person the dedicated and attention they need. So, pre-booking in advance is strongly advised. People love the idea of having a trainer on hand and I believe that is why I see the amazing results I do from this class. 

We also do cardio Intervals and body weight exercises. This class is for all fitness levels. Again, it has adaptations for everyone and all abilities. You can be assured I will demonstrate the tricky moves and always have an alternative ready for you if necessary.  

If you want to really build up your confidence around the gym equipment in a non judgemental environment please come along!

I have had clients tell me they would never have entered a gym before coming along. 

But now they do! 

They have learnt from my classes how to use things properly. Which areas they want to train and they have built up their CONFIDENCE. 

We use a real variety of equipment: 

Kettlebells, Battle ropes and Weighted bags to name a few… 

Clients have developed knowledge and skills to go forward and train by themselves during the week and at home! 

That is why I love my job. I’m able to help people into the world of fitness in a kind and gentle way! 

Strictly circuits is truly a great class for all, so get involved and I hope to see you at the next session.