Boot Camp

This is the ONE for results!! Full body workout – fun drills – all kinds of equipment for all levels and abilities! No pressure to keep up – just do what you can! Music to keep us motivated! Lots of different exercises and adapdations to keep us all included – OUTDOOR exercise is SO BENEFICIAL – let’s go!

Private studio with full out door gym space! Based in burton Christchurch

Small group sessions running Saturday mornings

9:15am arrival

 Session –  9:30-10.30

*ladies only 


This class is seriously great workout! Full body – but we focus on certain areas in each session! One week legs and butt! The next arms and abs etc! We use light to medium heavy equipment – all is safe and demonstrated before class! We work at stations – but also do cardio blasts in between! If you want real results without setting foot in the gym – this is for YOU!

Sopley Parish Hall (BH23 7BA)

Monday 7:05PM – 8:00PM

Dance Fiit

Do you love a good workout thats ACTUALLY FUN! This class is not overly “dance based” it is basic steps set to FAB music – of all styles and genres! We do HIIT ROUTINE so high intensity moves – that really get the heart rate UP – the blood pumping – and puts you into a calorie burning state! WAY MORE enjoyable than your usual cardio sessions of running on a treadmill – endlessly clock watching!! This class is for ALL – any age – abilities of fitness! We also do FLOOR TONING! Abs – inner thighs – bum – arms – it’s a complete body workout – come and try!

Sopley Parish Hall (BH23 7BA)

Wednesday 9:30AM – 10:30AM & 7:00PM – 8:00PM

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